FUEL OZ.Capital is a vertically integrated real estate investment company created to:

  • Invest in qualified opportunity zone (QOZ) real estate transactions
  • Act as Sponsor /Partner to assist other owners developers in their pursuits of QOZ investments
  • Act as a third party QOZ advisor to help source, entitle, build, and manage assets for other QOZ owner/investors

FUEL OZ.Capital services include:

  • Initial community outreach efforts required to socialize future redevelopment plans
  • Conceptual redevelopment plan and preliminary design to support that plan
  • Engagement of engineer(s), architect(s), attorney(s) and all other service providers needed to obtain zoning and permitting approval for the property development of schedule of costs for horizontal and vertical building construction
  • Engage government and community partnerships created by initial outreach to ensure broad consensus and buy-in for the redevelopment plan
  • Issuance of final RFP to onboard engineer(s), general contractor and architect of record and all other service providers required to complete the redevelopment plan
  • Oversight of all construction activities until issuance of Certificate of Occupancy
  • Development and implementation of marketing & leasing program
  • Event production and PR for investor & community presentations, ribbon cutting and other ceremonies
  • Post-completion on going management of day to day operation of the property