What We Do

SafetyWell is a full-service safety and health culture enhancement transformation company that builds from your existing culture strengths and identifies opportunities for change. SafetyWell combines decades of occupational/environmental safety experience and coaching leadership experience by founder Itzel Molina and her team of qualified and dynamic consultants. SafetyWell prides itself on its ability to break down barriers (e.g. language, low literacy, diverse personal cultures, etc.) and simplify data to drive intelligence into all the key areas of a strong safety culture.

SafetyWell uses a unique approach to build bridges between people and processes to transform workplaces into comprehensively healthy and safe environments. We focus heavily on key performance indicators, continuous improvement data and your company’s organizational psychological profile to custom design your safety journey.


“To be the go-to company for HSE Transformation because of our unique and customized approach to transforming hearts and minds about safety and health.”


To harness employees and managers’ full and lasting commitment to a TSH environment by creating a deep desire, and even responsibility, to change. We help your organization frame change within the organization’s purpose — the “why we exist” question.  We aim to conjure individual emotion and incite collective action that translates into a profitable business with healthy and safe employees.

Digital Feedback Loop

We strongly believe that ‘Digital Feedback Loops’ fundamentally change how companies innovate business processes and their safety culture. In most cases, organizations start small by creating a feedback loop around a core business process. However, the true power of this model stretches far beyond a single feedback loop. The beauty of our growing data and continuous improvement capabilities lies in the opportunity to break down silos and synthesize data across product, customer, employee, and operational business processes to secure profitability in a safe and healthy environment. In this sense, the most powerful feedback loops will be the ones that are interconnected and that reinforce each other by bringing together disparate datasets.

Full assessment to highlight pain points and areas of high risk


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